Ready for winter with Sammydress ~ Sammydress Wishlist

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hi dear girls, and here I am again with one of my favorite topics ever! Winter clothes! I Love fluffy sweaters and cardigans and boots and everything pink and soft and girly. Today I am writing  about one great website who sells amazing things for boys and girls. And this is my Sammydress Wishlist. I choose today sweaters and in my next post I will talk bout some other things. Sammydress is one of my fave websites . They are very kind and professional. My favorite sweaters from their new collection are those four pieces in pictures bellow. And here are the links which leads to these beautiful items DIRECTLY, so come and check it out:


My fave of them all is the first one. Sammydress company hs great delivery system, they are fast and accurate. So I will choose Sammydress for this years shopping wishlist!

Nerd Style Nr 1 Back to school

Saturday, September 2, 2017

 Здраво драге моје девојке, и ево ме са једним кратким, али дивним постом и једном од мојих омиљених у коме сам одлучила да вам представим једну скроз "штреберску" комбинацију. Односно једну комбинацију која је сјајна за нове школске дане. Ја сам овде укомбиновала сјајну кратку топ мајичицу из Бершке као и шорцић из исте радње са качкетом и адидас патикицама. Наравно све то употпунила сам овом дивном карираном кошуљом која је иначе само додатак у целој овој комбинацији, али сјајно је послужила. За излазак до шопинг центра или одлазак у биоскоп са другарима ово је сјајна комбинација. Опуштена и веома удобна. Мени једна од омиљених. Надам се да ће се и вама свидети колико и мени. Kiss xoxo

Hi dear girls, and today for you one amazing but very nerdy combination. This is "back to school" inspired outfit with amazing short top from Bershka and amazing shorts also from Bershka. One of great things here are glasses.Nerdy glasses are making this outfit more nerdy. LOL. Really love this one. Going out for shopping or checking out new movie in cinema? This is perfect combo for you. Hope you will love this one. Kiss xoxo

Aisle Style Prom Dresses

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hi girls, How are you these days? I'm having so much work about my trip to Paris so I just wanted to "jump here" for a minute and show you these amazing beautiful prom dresses from Prom dresses 2017 are really beautiful! My favorites this year are short prom dresses. Show your beautiful legs to the world! But real champions this year are red prom dresses. They are so glamorous and elegant! I really love this passionate color of love. Love  someone and you will be loved too. Show this world that only love is what matters. And Aisle style prepared beautiful discounts this year so if you are trying to find beautiful but still affordable dress check out cheap prom dresses. I really like all of them but my favorite is the blue one below the text. They have great dresses, nice and kind stuff and cheap affordable products. Check out their wonderful website ! You wont regret it.

Cheap Prom Dresses by The Celebrity

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Hi girls, and again here I am with one of our main topic this summer. Cheap prom dresses. Do you want to look amazing on the dance floor? Be a star and take a red carpet walk just like J.Lo., Selena Gomez, Rihanna and beautiful Gigi Hadid. Look at their dresses. I want one just like that. And you can find one very affordable and cheap right HERE. Check out this amazing The Celebrity Dresses ( website. And find one just for you. They have magical dresses and the great thing is that you can look just like one of the superstars for less money. My favorite is the green one on the picture below. It's Paulina Vega evening gown Miss Universe 2015. I love the color and this satin material. Hurry up and check out their amazing website. I love it so much! Find something great for you! And tell me what you think about dresses. You will definitely love it. Also if you don't know which hairstyle matches with the dress you can find inspiration on They have great styles and so many dresses. You can also find some wedding dresses and dresses for some special occasions. Till next time. Love xoxo


White dress by Zaful ~ Zaful Wishlist

Sunday, July 16, 2017

White dress 


Want to be the more fancy in this summer? Just do it!
Discover our newest summer arrivals!
Surprise code: ZFEN

Hello my dearest girls, and here I am again with one  of my favorite topics! Wishlist and dresses! One of my fave websites for clothes have new fancy summer looks and amazing white dress and maxi dress red! So I have decided to chose some of them and make my wishlist! I have chosen these 4 beautiful summer dresses and I am sooo in love with them. First of them is this one two piece dress with red roses. One of favorite dresses. For summer for the beach for night out. It's just perfect. The second one is perfect for the beach and it's lady like. I love it. And the third one is so sweet and girly. I want them all. And the dress number 4 is a little bit different. It's classic but not less beautiful. I can't wait to order them and wear them! They are so beautiful and I love one thing about Zaful website. It's professional and original, but also very affordable. Check out the links to these dresses below the text and check out the link In The Text! Tell me what you think about them. Kisses xoxo

Dress nr 1
Dress nr 2
Dress nr 3
Dress nr 4

Beautiful dresses by EV Wedding Australia

Monday, July 3, 2017


Hello my dear girls, and here I am again writting to you. I am finally home after a hard day and tonight I decided to introduce you to one amazing website for prom dresses, wedding dresses and special occassion dresses and also for flower girl dresses. EV Wedding Australia website is a wonder full website where you can find really beautiful dresses. I have chosen some of my favorites and the rest you can check out here ny clicking on this link. I am in loove with those beautiful dresses for little flower girls. They are just beautiful and I had to put them on the top of my post! The rest of the dresses are really beautiful but not so sweet as those little dresses for girls. They also have very affordable dresses and very nice stuff so If you have any questions you can leave them a message and they will answer you very soon. So , if you are looking for something special EV Wedding Australia is the right place for you. Love xoxo


The wonderfull beach wedding dress. Made for romantic girls and warm sunny days. This one is my fave beach wedding dress and I really like the shape. The color is of course white just like the sand on the beach.  



And here are those great bridesmaid dresses. I am in love with those baby pink colored dresses with lace. So sweet and romantic. Definitely want this one!

TOSAVE.COM review and my favorite dress

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Здраво драге моје девојке и ево ме са једним од нових постова у ком сам само на брзину хтела да вам покажем и још једном похвалим ову предивну хаљину са TOSAVE.COM сајта који ме је одушевио са гомилом нових хаљина. Ово је моја омиљена, а остатaк можете видети на мом You Tube каналу. Стигле су још три које једва чекам да вам покажем у неком од следећих видеа. Обавезно посетите њихов сајт јер су јако љубазни и јако професионални, а хаљине су им просто предивне и цене су јако, јако, али баш јако повољне, а сама поштарина је бесплатна. Видимо се у неком од следећих постова, а до тада уживајте у лету. Love xoxo

Hi, my dear girl, and here I am with one of the new posts I only wanted to show you quickly and once again this beautiful dress from the TOSAVE.COM site that delighted me with a bunch of new dresses. This is my favorite, and you can see the rest on my YouTube Channel. There are three more that I can not wait to show you in one of the following videos. Be sure to visit their site because they are very kind and very professional, and the dresses are simply beautiful and the prices are very, very, very, very affordable, and the postage itself is free. I'll see you in one of the following posts, until then enjoy this beautiful summer time. Love xoxo

Babyonlinedress Prom and Homecoming dresses 2017

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hi dear girls, how are you? Long time no see. But here I am again and this is my new post especially for you. Today I am going to write about this amazing website about which I have already wrote earlier and they are constantly surprising me . They are offering amazing short homecoming dresses, wholesale evening dresses, lace homecoming dresses, mermaid wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses 2017 . As you can see one of my favorite dresses is actually this one above the text.  It´s this amazing blue dress and it´s magical. This dress will be my first choice. After that my second choice is this amazing wedding dress with pearls and lace. Babyonline dress website is one of the best website for all your wishes. They have very kind and nice stuff and they are 24h open for your questions. So if you are looking for perfect dress and can not decide which one is right for you, check out their amazing website and find something special for you. Be magical and look like princess for your special night in Babyonline dress. 

Banggood Wishlist

Monday, May 15, 2017

Zdravo drage devojke, i danas se vraćam pisanju bloga, a ovog puta odlučila sam da vam predstavim moju Wishlist sa jednog sjajnog sajta za kupovinu bukvalno svega i svačega. Radi se o Banggood sajtu na kome možete naći sve - od  šminke do odeće i obuće. Ja sam svoju Wishlistu svela samo na odeću i izabrala 4 sjajna modela za leto baš sa Banggood sajta. Omiljena ki je naravno haljina, koju sam i prvu predstavila. Prosto obožavam duge haljine sa cvetićima koje su lepršave i jako udobne. Obavezno trknite do njihovog sajta i pogledajte šta imaju u ponudi. Love xoxo

Hello dear girls, and today I am back with new blog post, but this time I decided to introduce you to my Wishlist from this great shopping website which offers anything and everything. It is a Banggood site where you can find everything - from makeup to clothing and footwear. In my wishlist I have focused on clothes and chose 4 great model for summer. All from Banggood site. Fave thing is of course this beautiful flower dress. I just love long dresses with flowers that are airy and very comfortable. Be sure to check out their website and see what they have to offer. love xoxo

Big Blue - Review of Wholesale7

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hello girls, and here I am with a new blog post and one of my favorite lately. I am  obsessed with blouses with flowing sleeves at the shoulders, they're beautiful, feminine and elegant and if you combine them with certain pieces of clothing they can be great for some special occassions and for some casual occasions. I've "stolen" this beautiful beach, small boat and beautiful Greek sea to introduce to you this great outfit. This is really a great outfit, but when the weather is warmer instead of jeans excellent replacement will be shorts! I've got this beautiful blouse from Wholesale7 great company and I am thrilled with their clothes. They also have great dresses and sweaters, and they are very nice and have great stuff. I will put you a few links below to see what else they have to offer. You can also check out my YT channel and see how Mara and I spent the holidays. Love xoxo

Zdravo devojkee, i evo me sa novim postom i jednim od mojih omiljenih u zadnje vreme. Opsednuta sam bluzama sa spuštenim rukavima na ramenima, predivne su, ženstvene i elegantne i ako ih kombinujete uz određene odevne komade mogu biti odlične i za svečane, a i za neke casual prilike. Ja sam iskoristila ovu divnu plažu, čamčić i predivno grčko more da vam predstavim ovaj sjajan outfit. Ovo je baš odlična varijanta za more, ali kada vreme bude toplije umesto famerki odlična zamena biće šorc! Ovu divnu bluzu dobila sam od sjajne kompanije Wholesale7 i oduševljena sam njihovim stvarima. Ostavljam vam par linkova ispod da pogledate šta još imaju u ponudi. Takođe skoknite i na moj YT kanal i pogledajte kako smo se Mara i ja provele za praznike. Love xoxo

Blouse HERE
Wholesale7 HERE
Wholesale Instagram HERE

Leather Jacket

Thursday, April 6, 2017

 Ćao svima, i evo me posle sto godina konačno da se pojavim na ovom blogu i napipem vam par reči. Zbog gomile obaveza stvarno ne stižem da se bavim blogom i to mi baš, baš nedostaje, ali potrudiću se da se vratim modi i blogovanju, a do tada biću više prisutna na Instagramu pa se svakako vidimo tamo. Današnja tema je inspirisana jednim od mojih omiljenih odevnih komada ovog proleća i samo zbog njega ovo i pišem, a taj odevni komad je moćna crna Kožna jakna. Dobra kožna jakna, jednobojna kombinacija ispod nje, jednostavan nakit i to je to! Moderno, udobno, a opet slatko i ženstveno. Evo je moja kombinacija, a ispod sam vam ostavila i par sličica koje su me inspirisale da napišem ovaj post. Vidimo se uskoro! Love xoxo
 Hi everyone, and here I am again after long long time and so happy to write to you again. Really don' have enough time these days to write to you but I will try to get back to fashion and blogging, and until then I'll be more present on Instagram so be sure to check out my insta profile. Today's topic was inspired by one of my favorite pieces of clothing this spring and that  is powerful black leather jacket. A good leather jacket, solid color combination below, simple jewelry, and that's it! Modern, comfortable, yet sweet and feminine. Here is my combination, and below I have left a few pictures that inspired me to write this post. See you soon! Love xoxo